Rental reception room

Reception room to rent in Charente-Maritime

For a professional, associative meeting, an anniversary, a wedding, a baptism, a cousin get together and other festive family events that are important to you, the Hameau de Saintonge offers you:

- A meeting room (50 m²) adjustable in 2 rooms of 25 m², from 50 € half a day. Renting is possible between April 1st and December 15th.

- A reception room (120 m²), from 450 € at the weekend, 200 € a day during the week. Rental is possible between April 1st and December 8th, except July and August.

The benefits of a rental in the Hameau de Saintonge

- Lending tables, chairs, dishes .. - Rental of accommodations to sleep on the spot, - Presence of an equipped kitchen (at your disposal when you rent the reception room) - Possibility of on-site meals with catering - Privatization of the Hameau under conditions - Organization of snacks, meals for meetings.
 For more details and a personalized price, do not hesitate to contact us!
We will make every effort to facilitate your organization and make your event a success.